EDGEV Držák nástrojů PWLNR2020K06/08 PWLNL2020K06/08 CNC Soustruh Příslušenství Vnější Soustružení Toolholder Pro WNMG0604 WNMG0804

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External Tool Holder Code System (ISO Standard) 01. Application: External Turning Tools Shank 02. ISO Designation: PWLNR2020K06(Right Hand) For Carbide Inserts WNMG060404/08

PWLNL2020K06(Left Hand) For Carbide Inserts WNMG060404/08

PWLNR2020K08(Right Hand) For Carbide Inserts WNMG080404/08

PWLNL2020K08(Left Hand) For Carbide Inserts WNMG080404/08 03. Clamping Method: Lever Lock 04. Applicable Inserts:WN__0604_ _(WNMG060404/08) If you need related Carbide Inserts, please click the following links. Applicable Inserts:WN__0804_ _(WNMG080404/08) If you need related Carbide Inserts, please click the following links. 05. Approach Angle: 95 Degree 06. Size of Shank: H20mm*W20mm*L125mm 07. Material: 42CrMo(Alloy Spring Steel) 08. Hardness: HRC45-50 09. Color: Grey/Black 10.Net Weight:450g 11.G.W.:600g Features: 01. The tool holder is made from the good alloy spring steel (42CrMo). Favorable shock resistance and improves the surface roughness of work-piece. 02. Integral forging processing, excellent tensile strength and rigidity. To achieve the steady machining and the long service life of tools. 03. To be manufactured by High-precision CNC machine center and MAZAK equipment 04. Strictly implement the total quality management system, 100% inspection; we use the feeler blade (0.01mm) to inspect the slot of inserts, to make sure the inserts and tool holder are closely attached. 05. Advanced NIHON Heat Treatment from Japan, to make sure the hardness uniformity of the tool holder. 06. Antirust and corrosion resistance, the surface of tools are planted with nickel, it is beautiful and durable. 07. Good quality Accessories, it is not easily damaged in the bad cutting condition.

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As an excellent composite tools supplier in China, EDGEV has devoted greatly to continuous development of the national industry as well as the global prosperity.

Edgev Hardmetal Tools(Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a composite cutting tools supplier who works on the design, development, production, marketing and technical service of the products.

Meanwhile, it covers a great range of cutting tools and grinding tools, high-speed steel products, cemented carbide tools, ceramic, PCBN, PCD and diamond; in addition, it is also in charge of import and export, after-sale service, technical transportation as well as advisory service, all of which involves many different high-end fields such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing and ship building, wind power generation and mechanical parts processing. Edgev at present is making great endeavor to continuously develop and improve its self-system and network.

The reform and open in China has attracted the world's attention and gained remarkable achievements since the beginning of the 21st century. However, the development of one country's industrialization and information can't be separated from mechanical manufacture.

Edgev Hardmetal Tools is in supply excellent products for the first-class manufacturers of machine cutting tools, providing the users with one-stop and all-around solutions of domestic tools and convenient and efficient distribution service. The products cover a broad range of the mechanical processing industries such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding machining.

In the future, Edgev Hardmetal Tools will be dedicated to create more values and services for the users; meanwhile, it will make great endeavor to furnish more practical, low-cost and reliable products for the global customers; Edgev will produce world-famous cutting tool products and finally have its products incorporated into the global cutting tools supply chain.

Edgev would like to make progress with you together and seek common development.


Edgev Hardmetal Tools is engaged in popularizing our reductions in the world. We are looking forward to the opportunity to have access to global system of machine tools supply.

We always adhere to provide continuous increment plan for our loyal customers, and constantly improve our products and services to meet the customers' demand, in order

to adapt ourselves to the changing market environment. We are certain to give you the first-class products and service in China.

Quality Control

There are many experts who have lots of experience in machining tools in Edgev Hardmetal Tools, meanwhile; high technology is also widely used in our company. In order to make sure that our products among the first level quality, we make good use of the world famous equipment and the measuring facility. At the same time, our products are under the strict quality management system of ISO9001:2008. To ensure the stable quality of tools, we use the strict management for our supplier.

Technical Guidance

Edgev Hardmetal Tools provide you with the basic tool production, meanwhile; we also provide the necessary technical support and consultation to product use to solve problems for customers.

F.A.Q.-Frequently Asked Questions

PWLNR/L2020K08 Aplikace WNMG080404/08
Hmotnost Balení 600g per piece
PWLNR/L2020K06 Aplikace WNMG060404/08
ISO Označení PWLNR/L2020K06/08
Značka edgev
Vložit Úlevu Úhel 0 Stupňů
Ostří Úhel 95 stupňů
Čistá Hmotnost 450 g na kus
Tvrdost vysoká
barva Šedá/Černá
Velikost Dříku H20mm*W20mm*L125mm
Upínací Metody páčka
Povlak Další
Aplikace Zapnutí Nástroje
Materiál 42CrMo(Legované Pružinové Oceli)
Číslo Modelu Soustružení Nástroj Držitele
Použití Vnější Soustružení Nástroj

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EDGEV Držák nástrojů PWLNR2020K06/08 PWLNL2020K06/08 CNC Soustruh Příslušenství Vnější Soustružení Toolholder Pro WNMG0604 WNMG0804

EDGEV Držák nástrojů PWLNR2020K06/08 PWLNL2020K06/08 CNC Soustruh Příslušenství Vnější Soustružení Toolholder Pro WNMG0604 WNMG0804